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The Limits of Narrative

December 3rd, 2009
Even before President Obama spoke Tuesday night, the news had leaked that he had authorized 30,000 new troops for Afghanistan. I didn?t think his speech would reassure me, but it did. A little. What a pleasure it is to hear a president with a… more »

Pull the Plug, Mr. Murdoch

September 10th, 2009
Rupert Murdoch Chair and CEO The News Corporation 1211 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10036 Dear Mr. Murdoch: The speech President Obama gave about health care last night was one of his best to my ears. It has been a long summer for us… more »

Savage Fear

August 13th, 2008
Talk radio show host Michael Savage claims to have ten million listeners. From his home in the affluent San Francisco suburb of Larkspur, he sends out a constant stream of anti-immigrant, anti-gay, and, oddly, autism-scorning diatribes that are more… more »